Back in Black.

(Felt hat,
Crombie coat,
Leather t-shirt,
Coated 'Leigh' jeans,
'Aladdin' sandas,
Ghost shopper; Topshop.
Silver chain,
Assorted band rings; H&M
Lipstick 'Inhibition' also by Topshop)

I am SO happy it is finally coat weather. I mean, I love summer, but I love clothes more, and colder weather means more clothes! It also means less money (because of all the clothes) but lets not worry about that.

This leather t-shirt* is my absolute new favourite piece. Its over sized, quilted, leather, black, and was pretty cheap with my beloved staff uniform discount**, so ticks all the boxes really. I am probably going to live in it over the next few weeks!

Speaking of live in, THESE SANDALS. My feet go through pure hell 90% of the time, between being on my feet all day at work, and then skating*** pretty much any time I am not in work, my feet are not my friends. But these sandals are like a god send to them. I'm not quite sure what it is... Wether its the foam wedged platform, or the complete support the straps offer, these sandals are the comfiest shoes I've ever owned. And they look quite nice too, right?

This is my attempt at avoiding the awkward 'first post'. So, Hi. 

*My camera broke pretty much straight away when I was about to take photos for this post. So this is all I got! 

**I work at Topshop, so expect this blog to basically be a walking TS advert, with the odd other bits thrown in.

***I also play Roller Derby, so expect this blog to be filled with snippets into one of the biggest parts of my life, and most interesting, if you ask me!